Blogs from 31 Days Challenge that are noteworthy

I've been trying to visit other blogs, people that are in this 31 day journey with me. I have been so self absorbed that I haven't met as many as I would like... There are a few that really stand out as either informational, inspirational, or just plain fun to read... and sometimes they are all of the above.

I'm listing these blogs partly to inspire others to go read them, or to remind myself that they are really good and I don't want them to get lost in the hubbub of daily life. I know you can go to the and find them... but with sub-categories,  I get lost in the looking...

So, here are a few of the blogs that I like, and a few that you should really go visit!

These are in no particular order:

31 Days of Business Bookkeeping 

31 Days of Getting My Crap Together

31 Days of Embracing Blindness

Crafted Colour- Practical Colour Theory for Craft

31 Days of Paper Cuts

Prison Break of Thoughts- 31 Days of Inner Release

31 Days of Knitting

31 Hats Mom Wears

300 Rejections

31 Days of Texas    YOU KNOW I HAD TO ADD THIS!!!!

Visit again, I'll be adding when I find more blogs that I simply can't wait to read again!

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