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Scott Schreiber Jewelery Design

Mr Scott Schreiber's  work is beautiful and ingenious, fresh and timeless...He is a true craftsman as well as an artist. He is a goldsmith with 42 years of experience... and it shows. His work is crafted with exacting standards.
I asked him to be interviewed... knowing that he is very busy, hoping beyond hope that he might have time to submit to my grilling... and he said yes! fell in love with his work with this piece...
it is 14k white gold architectural design ring, with diamonds set around the band with scroll-work cleverly carved along the lower sides of the band, where it is seen on the palm side of the hand.  . It is the ring that makes your jaw drop.

Mr Schreiber specializes in the custom work like this ring, as well as a host of pendants, earrings, and the most wonderful bracelets. Each piece of work is one of a kind, magnificent, and timeless. Each piece is a work of art.

I asked where he learned his wonderful craft, and he said that he happened into the job. While in High School the local Chamber of Commerce had a Work-entry program, he was offered a job in a jewelry store just before his 16th birthday, and he took it. He ended up working there for eleven years!
He learned the trade from the two goldsmiths that were working there, and later took night courses from the Municipal Arts Council, and at 19 he took classes at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, California, where two of his teachers were Alan Revere and Abrasha Staszewski. He also took a jewelry rendering class at GIA(the Gemological Institute of America) in Santa Monica, California...but since then, he has been mostly self taught. And boy... did he learn!

"The Sisters Caryatid" - Earrings-  Scott Schreiber

Green Beryl, Aquamarine,18K Rose and Yellow golds.
5.05 grms, 5.13 grms.
2 7/16" total length.

Scott says that the pieces of work that are his favorite, are the pieces that have pushed him to 'new places'. About 98% of his work is commissioned pieces and he says that  trying to decide on his favorite piece is like trying to choose which child a parent likes best. But he also adds that, he really likes the ones that have proved to him that proceeding forward, even though he didn't have a clear view of the finished piece until it was actually finished... the ones that made him trust himself in that any commitment to quality is what will save the day...and those pieces where he knew that he had given them his best.... those are the favorite pieces. and he says that his "...Best work has all those qualities".

Tsaritsa Earrings--Scott Schreiber
  18k Gold / Platinum
Spinel / Diamond
32mm.........4.74 grams
Hand Fabricated

I personally don't know if I could choose a favorite piece. Each and every one of Scott Schreiber's pieces of jewelry has to be the best piece. Each is unique and a work of art. Each has a timeless quality and has the enduring workmanship that a true master brings. The craftsmanship is outstanding.

I think the use of such beautiful stones in each of the pieces is a huge plus. To me, they are used with grace and elegance. Each setting shows off the stone in the best light and with precise and detailed finishes.

One necklace that Scott remade for a client included a different clasp made by him, which he balanced and made sure that it worked perfectly; trying it over and over to make sure it opened and closed smoothly... that is attention to detail. 
18Karat colored Golds and Platinum are what Schreiber prefers to work with, since they are Nobel metals (inert) they are easier to use, he says. that when you learn to work with them, you ..."give yourself over to them wholly..." and that is the trick to learning their properties.

He also prefers to use only the best stones available. High quality stones that saturated with color are his favorite, though he says he has a penchant for cabochons as well , Since his work is exacting, and most of the settings he makes are bezels, because of the durability of that setting, it is better to use the best stones available. 
He also says that each piece of jewelry that he makes he tries to employ a specific technique that he's not used before, that the learning process is never ending. 

I asked Scott Schreiber what he would like to say about his work... and I thought it best to put it here as he wrote it... 

 My work is my avocation...through it I learn about myself, and about life and existence in general. It's very personal and integral to who I am, what I am and a metaphor to me for the journeys that we all must take in our lives. It enables never-ending growth and personal introspection. It tries me, bleeds me, and feeds me....both literally and figuratively. It's been a worthy path for me...and quite humbling at times....which is a good thing for me. It brings great joy and gratification as well. It's said as a truism that the customer is always right. Not so for me...I've found that my first loyalty is to my craft; and to all those long-dead mentors upon whose hard-learned knowlege that *my knowledge* is sourced. If I'm true to that...the quality of my work is better... and thus my clients, are indeed, better served.

Please go by the links for Scott Schreiber, to see his work and to get to know him. What a wonderful and energetic person he is!
He takes commissions, and you will never be disappointed in his work.


One more look at that beautiful ring!  I really love this one!

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